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March 20, 2019

After a long hiatus, I’ve decided to restart my blog.

My old web presence was proving a bit old and dusty. Having finally realized the future was kicking Wordpress well and truly to the curb, I had started down a path of Octopress. This however ended shortly after it began, so finally I’ve deleted the old pages and started a fresh. It’s only taken 7 years.

I’d been using HUGO at home for our internal “landing” pages, so I thought it was high time that it was used for something a bit more public facing.

Buying a house and getting married certainly seem to take up much of my free time now.

But here’s some of the fun projects I’ve been working on:

Sign PI

Party LED light suites

I build a set of 4 suits that would be all controlled by arduinos. This was my most ambitous elelectronic project to date and was quite an undertaking.

Light show Pi Rig

I built an 8 socket solid state relay control box for controlling LightShowPI. Each of the sockets was controlled by an FFT of whatever signal I fed into the box. We set this up over Christmas at work.

Opensprinkler PI

Assembled the OSPI board and build that into my yard to water our garden boxes and whatnot.

Custom Garden boxes

I made 4 custom raised bed style Garden boxes. These were made out of cedar and was bolted together with stainess steel bolts. We stained the wood to make them look really nice. Photos to follow.

Retaining wall in my yard

Yes I built a retaining wall. It was hard and nearly broke me. Suprising how much work this is to do a built on your own.

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